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Customer: Brent T.
Country: USA
Message: Nick/Amon: I received the first suit yesterday and I think itís the best
fitting suit you have made for me. Letís go ahead and make the next two. The
only small alteration I will suggest is for the shirts. Can you take the
shirts in (chest and stomach) by another Ĺ inch? Great work and Iíll look
forward to receiving the rest of the order. Thanks.
Customer: John S.
Country: Australia
Message: Hello Amon / Nick / Ron

Thank you very much for the shirts you forwarded - they are just great! Both
quality and fit are excellent. I will be ordering from you again in the
future and will recommend you to my family, friends and acquaintances.

Also, my wife would like a quote (if possible) for a coat only from your
brochure . She would like that style in a silk material ( colour later). She
will also send her measurements later.

Could you let us know at your convenience.

Once again thank you very much, excellent service & quality.

Kind Regards
Customer: Thomas M.
Country: Austria
Message: dear sirs,

the clothes arrived yesterday and are perfect!
thank you very much!

a friend of me is interested in your clothes would like to meet you in

here are the details:
best regards
Customer: Joseph
Country: USA
Message: Amon,

I just received the package and everything is great. The coat you sent fits even better than the last one. I appreciate all the assistance. I'm looking forward to ordering from you again in the future.

Much thanks
Customer: Jerry S.
Country: USA
Message: Gentlemen,

I've received your package with the trousers and jacket, and they fit perfectly. Please be sure to save those current measurements in your files for me. Beautiful and quality work as usual. Godspeed and safe home for your upcoming travels.

Warm Regards

Customer: Irving D.
Country: USA
Message: Hello Guys!

I was trying to plan a trip back to LOS...but it would be great to have
you guys come out here. I LOVE MY SUITS I had made from you on my last
trip. I am very happy with my shirts as well.

If you are going to be in Los Angeles, I may be interested in coming
along. Please advise if you are seeing clients in Los Angeles, CA.

Thanks! From a happy and satisfied customer!
Customer: Daryl F.
Country: USA
Message: Hello Nick and Amon!!!

FANTASTIC JOB!!! I received my shirt today and I think you guys did a GREAT job!! I love the french cuffs and the collar especially. I will be looking on your website for more material so that I can choose another fabric for another shirt. Thanks again!!!
Customer: Joseph H.
Country: TX, USA
Message: Amon,

Just received the package today. The items are simply masterpieces. The jacket fit with perfection and I am pleased to see that you forgot nothing that I requested. The vest and trousers also fit well. I am especially pleased with the high venting and hope that the pin striped jacket will have it just the same way. I will be sure to send a picture or two of the items on.

The shirt fit my body very well but I would like the collar a bit different than you made it for the following three shirts. I will send some drawings to explain this in a day or two. Wait to make them until then, but you may begin on the other suit jacket without delay.

Thank you again. I have always been so impressed with your products, prompt service, and your uncanny ability to get a garment that fits me despite my not being there. I am very much looking forward to the day I can fly there to make several more orders.
Customer: Hugh J.
Country: USA
Message: Nick/Amon,

I meant to sign off the last noteÖthank you for your continued efforts to dress up a senior citizen.
Customer: Michael F.
Country: NC, USA
Message: Hey Guys,
Just got the shirts, and they are fantastic! I actually look like I have a
neck, which is unheard of.

As far as your US visit, are you going to Greensboro? It's a lot easier for
me to go there than Miami, but I'll go where I have to. Let me know whether
it's going to be miami or greensboro and then I'll be able to better tell
you what works best time wise.

Thanks again. You guys rock!
Customer: Janne Vaisanen
Country: Finland
Message: It seems that it was worth waiting for the suits. They are excellent in quality and fit just the way they should. Shirts and ties are also brilliant.
Thank you very much and be proud of your quality and friendliness.
Customer: Robert Rhodes
Country: UK
Message: Amon / Nick,

I received my Tuxedo back from the Dry cleaners this morning and I got
the chance to wear it this evening for the first time.

Can I first say a big thank you to you for an excellent job. The suit
fits beautifully and the stitching and quality of the workmanship is
truly outstanding.

I must admit that I had a few concerns about using your online
measurement system, but any mistakes that I made with my measurements
were quickly picked up on by your master tailor, I still do not know
how you knew, but your skills ensured that the suit arrived in perfect
sizing once I rechecked the measurements that you highlighted.

I now look forward to my next dinner engagement where I can once again
wear my wonderful new suit and I shall certainly be using you again
for all of my tailoring needs in the future.

Thank you for all the hard work, it has truly been a pleasure dealing with you.

Kindest regards


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