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Getting the right fit online

It's hard to find clothes that fit "right." Maybe the pants are a little long. The waist is a bit snug. Sure, you can buy off the rack clothes and have them altered but who needs the hassle? Thanks to the Internet, you can have clothes made to fit you and no one else.
There are stores online that will help you design clothing to fit precisely. Obviously, this is an area that is just getting off the ground. You won't get the selection that you'll find in stores. But let's take a look at what's out there.

Our first stop is Lands' End (www.landsend.com). This company offers a design-your-own section for Chinos and jeans. Both men and women are included. The price isn't bad at $54 per pair.

The fitting process includes a lengthy questionnaire about physical characteristics. At the end, there is a selection of body shapes. I'll bet a lot of people will be tempted to lie. But what's the point? You want the clothes to fit, right?

In addition to getting a good fit, you can mix and match styles. You have a choice of pleated or plain fronts, cuffs, waist styles, front pockets, back pockets, etc. The perfect style is always available in your size.

The problem, of course, is that you can't try on the pants. But Lands' End promises a refund, no matter what. Lands' End keeps your measurements, so you can reorder.

AmericanFit (www.americanfitclothing.com) offers many more styles of pants, including leather. In addition, it offers skirts for women. But its guarantee is conditional. If the clothes don't fit, it will alter them. There are no refunds or returns.

AmericanFit's prices are much higher than those at Lands' End. For instance, women's jeans are $109. Chinos are $129. If you already have something that fits well, you can send it to AmericanFit. The company will use that as a template.

Interactive Custom Clothes (www.ic3d.com) provides nine styles of jeans for both men and women. Prices range from $105 to $150 per pair. Interactive also will copy a pair of jeans, if you have some that fit especially well. If your custom jeans do not fit properly, it will split the cost of making them right.

Even Nike (nikeid.nike.com) has gotten into the custom business. You can select material patterns, colors, and even have your name imprinted on some 27 different types of basketball, running, cross-training and track and field shoes. Prices range from $55 to $175. Nike's guarantee includes refunds.

Have a Scottish background? The House of Tartan (www.tartancat.co.uk) offers genuine kilts and scarves for both men and women. They maintain a database of about 18,000 surnames. Enter yours into the Clan Connection for some history and patterns selected specifically for your family name. The kilts aren't cheap — you can expect to pay several hundred dollars.

House of Tartan's warranty information appears to have been written by a pack of lawyers. You have five days to complain if you receive defective goods. You can get a replacement or, maybe, a refund. Or maybe not. Check with your attorney.

For an adventure in suit-making, check out the New International Boutique House, in Thailand (www.nibh.com). This company offers suits, jackets, shirts and ties for men, and dresses, skirts, suits and coats for women. The prices look reasonable. This company promises to deliver the finished goods in about two weeks.

Men looking for custom suits might also consider Giorgenti (www.giorgenti.com). Giorgenti representatives travel the country, meeting with customers who request appointments. They arrange custom fittings by experienced tailors, ensuring a good fit. The suits are delivered about six weeks later. Giorgenti's prices range from several hundred dollars to nearly $2,000.

People with special needs should look into Professional Fit Clothing (www.professionalfit.com). This firm makes clothing for people in state developmental centers, intermediate and residential care facilities, group homes, and independent living programs, along with other individuals with special needs.

If you're looking for ready-made clothes, there's plenty of that on the Web, too. Shoppers interested in designer goods at a discounted price need look no further than Bluefly (www.bluefly.com). Among others, it features products from Michael Kors, Prada, Fendi, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein.

Finally, if you have fashion aspirations and a low-rent budget, take a look at AnyKnockOffs (anyknockoffs.com). This company features goods inspired by designer products. Just don't let your friends look at the labels!

Kim Komando hosts a national radio program about computers and the Internet. To ask her a question, send e-mail to answerdesk@komando.com.

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